New Year New Books: David’s first picks for 2019

Here are some of the books I'm looking forward to reading in 2019. As a nine-year-old I was an ardent Maoist; I've softened a little since, but for my money Julia Lovell is one of the finest western interpreters of China and Chinese thought. A different Julia explores the lost continent just off the coast I grew up next to. And I can read Barry Lopez and Robert Macfarlane until the cows fly home to roost. Enjoy!


Barry Lopez

From the publisher:

Taking us nearly from pole to pole – from modern megacities to some of the earth’s most remote regions – and across decades of lived experience, Barry Lopez gives us ...

Maoism: A Global History

Julia Lovell

From the publisher:

Maoism was a crucial motor of the Cold War: it shaped the course of the Vietnam War (and the international youth rebellions that conflict triggered) and brought to power the ...