Our 2018 Favourites

We don't just sell books. We also read them! Here are some of our personal favourites from the last year.

The Cost of Living

Deborah Levy

From the publisher:

The audacious and elegiac second installment in her ‘living autobiography’ on writing and womanhood, from the twice-Man Booker Prize-shortlisted author of Hot Milk and ...

The Mars Room

Rachel Kushner

Emily Witt writes:

Early in The Mars Room, a bus full of prisoners is being transported upstate from Los Angeles County on Interstate 5, which bisects California’s Central Valley. The bus ...


Zaffar Kunial

From the publisher:

Yet his territory extends much further afield than those of the past – through Kashmir, where his father was born and now lives, to the Midlands of his mother’s birth, ...

The Built Environment

Emily Hasler

From the publisher:

A breath-taking collection that moves between local and distant, urban and rural, past and present. This is poetry of emotional density with a lightness of touch, structural ...


Sarah Perry

Edmund Gordon writes:

Sarah Perry was raised a Strict Baptist, with a number of exotic beliefs – in the literal existence of the devil, the creation of the earth in six days, the sinfulness of ...