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Gayle used to work at Foyles, where a system of arranging books on tables is named after her. She masterminds the Bookshop windows: highlights so far have included a redesign of the London tube map, a six-foot totemic figure constructed out of straw, and a cryptic diorama based on the works of J.H. Prynne.

Ask Gayle about: cookbooks, children’s books, photography, art, care tips for Dr. Martens.

Recommendations by Gayle

Gayle recommends

Some of Gayle's favourite books from across the shop.

Gayle's Spring Picks 2020

A reissue of an Italian classic, several very good new novels, a feminist exploration of the city, Thom Eagle on fermenting and two (two!) books about the Pet Shop Boys.

Posts by Gayle

Isolation reading: The Camomile Lawn

‘I should’ve thought,’ said James, ‘that in the war, with the bombing and so on, there wasn’t much time for private life.’

‘That’s where you are wrong,’ said Polly. ‘We all lived ...

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Nice books for bleak times

I don’t generally go in for cheerful books – I spent Christmas reading Nevil Shute’s 1957 post-nuclear-war novel On the Beach and thinking about climate change, if you were wondering how I'm doing. But sometimes I ...

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We Recommend: Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett

Claire-Louise Bennett's Pond was a firm shop favourite before it was even published here (we imported the original Stinging Fly edition from Ireland, such was our excitement). If you haven't already read it, you can get ...

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London Review of Cooks 2019

My list is short this year, and I’m going to admit I’ve done significantly more reading of cookery books than actually cooking from them, which is very much reflected in my choices. You can take as read that the new

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London Review of Cooks 2018

The best thing that’s happened in the cookbook world this year is the rehabilitation (in the minds of the British anyway – I don’t think anyone else needed it rehabilitating) of German cuisine, thanks to the ...

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String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis

I’ve always hated tennis. As a kid, all Wimbledon meant to me was two horrible weeks every summer when BBC One didn’t show Neighbours. I got over my childhood aversion to most sports fairly quickly – first, ...

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Walking Suburban North London

It was only when I started exploring London's suburban northern edges that I really began to love this city. Maybe it’s that it reminds me of where I grew up: whether in London or out in the duller stretches of the ...

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An Ian Nairn Pub Walk

Distance: About three miles, with all the twists and turns taken into account

Time: an extremely leisurely four hours, including pub stops. Best done on a weekday, to ensure everything’s open. (We learned the hard way ...

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Straw bears

Suddenly straw bears are everywhere. The one that has been looming from our front window since the beginning of August was originally built to celebrate Tate Britain’s exploration of British Folk Art, in pale imitation ...

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Roy Hodgson Recommends

It seems natural to assume that footballers aren’t big readers. I’m not making a lazy point about footballers being stupid: as professional athletes, they’ve been concentrating on doing one thing, really well, ...

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Snooker Loopy: Pocket Money by Gordon Burn

I wasn't quite born when 18.5 million people watched Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis battle on into the small hours in the 1985 World Snooker Championship Final. Snooker as a wildly popular and glamorous sport is only a ...

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My recollection of childhood is, for the most part, fairly hazy, but one memory that, for reasons unknown to anybody, remains diamond sharp in my mind is that of my nine-year-old self remonstrating with my mum in a ...

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Gayle's New Year's Resolution

I didn’t mean this to be about food and cooking, but as always, it’s somehow turned out that way. One of my favourite books of last year was Michael Pollan’s Cooked, a memoir-slash-call-to-arms about the history of ...

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Romance Lives at the London Review Bookshop

We receive a lot of post from our customers - thank you cards, Christmas cards, the odd Canadian $5 bill - and we appreciate every bit of it. But it's going to take an awful lot to top the card we received this morning. ...

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London Review of Cooks: Christmas Edition

As excuses to demand lovely new cookbooks from people go, there’s nothing quite like Christmas. Here’s my recommendation for what to put on your Christmas list this year.

For classic French cooking, the late Richard ...

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