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Will Harris

From the publisher:

In RENDANG, Will Harris complicates and experiments with the lyric in a way that urges it forward. With an unflinching yet generous eye, RENDANG is a collection that engages ...

The Way We Eat Now

Bee Wilson

From the publisher:

         ‘Addresses the paradox of our age: why as we become progressively wealthier, our diets become ever poorer . . . the villains of the piece are familiar and ...

Going Dark

Julia Ebner

From the publisher:

‘A scintillating journey into a secret world that is impacting our everyday lives in ways we are only just starting to grasp’ Peter Pomerantsev ‘Humanising, engrossing ...

Fascism and Democracy

George Orwell

From the publisher:

‘The feeling that the very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world ... this prospect frightens me much more than bombs’On the 70th anniversary of George ...