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Vertigo & Ghost

Fiona Benson

From the publisher:

It sounds out the complex and ambivalent terrain of early motherhood – its anxieties and claustrophobias as well as its gifts of tenderness and love – reclaiming the ...

Foodists: Writing about eating from the London Review of Books

John Bayley, Joanna Biggs, Angela Carter, John Lanchester, James Meek, Emma Rothschild, Steven Shapin, Adam Smyth, E.S. Turner, Margaret Visser, Bee Wilson, Francis Wyndham

‘Food, like sex, is mostly in the head,’ writes John Bayley in the piece which gives this anthology its title. Sure enough, in the LRB’s pages, food has often been a medium to think about ...


Rachael Allen

From the publisher:

Kingdomland is the debut poetry collection of Rachael Allen – a writer of rare vision and flair. All appears changed, but familiar. Intercut with oblique verse fragments ...

Three Poems

Hannah Sullivan

Lavinia Greenlaw writes:

The long poem pre-empts its own significance. We expect more of it and less of ourselves, adjusting our pace and investing in the big picture. Hannah Sullivan’s ...