Our Pick of the Year 2014

I'm not sure how many individual titles were published in 2014. Wikipedia gives a figure of just under 150,000 in the UK for 2011. I don't suppose the figure was any lower in 2014. It may even have been higher. I do know that of the however many it was, we took only a fraction into stock, but my trusty computer informs me that it was a still pretty hefty 5,302. Whittling them down to a couple of dozen most notable titles is a task that hovers between the Gargantuan and the Sisyphean. The results are inevitably flawed, partial, idiosyncratic and personal, and we humbly present them for your perusal, your acclaim, and your inevitable disagreement.

Things to Make and Break

May-Lan Tan

From the publisher:

‘So here is what I, my having just two seconds ago finished getting myself jazzed crazy by Things to Make and Break, am wagering when it comes to May-Lan Tan – to wit, ...

A C. H. Sisson Reader

edited by Charlie Louth and Patrick McGuinness

From the publisher:

The great English, Anglican and modernist poet and writer C.H. Sisson was born in Bristol a hundred years ago. This Reader draws on his poetry, fiction, translations, and his ...