Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Joanna Biggs writes:

Facebook may have started as a way to rank one woman’s hotness over another’s, but it has been quick to produce its first feminists. Everything goes faster in Silicon Valley: code is written overnight; engineers get around the office on aerodynamic skateboards called RipStiks; a company less than ten years old is worth \$104 billion for a day before losing \$35 billion in value. And so, as Sheryl Sandberg, Silicon Valley’s ‘pom-pom girl for feminism’, might have said to herself, why can’t a movement effectively stalled for thirty years be kickstarted with a 15-minute online talk, a book with an eerily alliterative and vaguely chiasmic title and very many appearances on acid-bright TV studio sofas?

(LRB 11 April 2013)

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