The Book of Not

From the publisher:

The Book of Not is the latest novel from one of the most acclaimed Zimbabwean writers of her generation and is already fulfilling the promise of her first novel Nervous Conditions, par excellence.

The Book of Not traces Tambu's continuing quest to redefine the personal, political and historical forces that threaten to destroy the fabric of her community - and reveals how its aftermath still bedevils Africans today. Dangarembga's language sparkles and dances on the page as she delves into the education system, the liberation struggle and attitudes of contemporary Zimbabweans in an incisive and insightful examination of a system calculated to destablize the sense of self.

A distinguishing feature of The Book of Not is its radical positioning in underscoring the paradoxes and complexities in the transition from colonialism to globalisation. Tambu's search for self-knowledge reveals that the process of decolonisation might have started; but it is far from finished.

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