Stitched-up: Who Fashions Women’s Lives?

From the publisher:

Stitched-up, is where the author demystifies the complex issues facing women in modern life. In this researched work the author answers some important questions about the cause of today’s most universal female complaint, exhaustion. Drawing upon a broad range of literature she delves into female self-sacrifice and finds that, although women hold their own in most fields, the idea that a woman’s needs go unnoticed and unmet still persists. According to the author female self-sacrifice is a scam; it is not behaviour that exists naturally in the make-up of women. She backs this controversial claim by gathering wisdom from the powerful goddesses of our past, inspiration from the early feminists and groundbreaking ideas from modern psychology. For her the reality adds up to generations of women being stitched-up by cultural myths and religious beliefs that span centuries. Today the same common thread underpins a woman’s desire for breast implants or Botox, motivates the conservative drive for ‘family-values’ and creates stumbling blocks that prevent women from supporting one another’s accomplishments.