Reviewed in the LRB, volume 41 number 11, 6 June 2019

Books reviewed in volume 41 number 11 of The London Review of Books (6 June 2019).

Novels, Tales, Journeys

Alexander Pushkin

James Meek writes:

Idea for a writer’s retreat: a Russian manor house, hundreds of miles from the bright lights of St Petersburg or Moscow. You can only get there by horse. Don’t go in ...


Sam Lipsyte

Christian Lorentzen writes:

The wild, dark and very funny novels of Sam Lipsyte are governed by a certain fatalism: a nominal meritocracy produces a class of super-qualified and clever people ...

The Mueller Report

The Washington Post

David Runciman writes:

I met Carter Page. And who’s he? For anyone not up to speed with the endless comings and goings in Trumpworld, the Washington Post edition of the Mueller report provides ...