Reviewed in the LRB, volume 41 number 16, 15 August 2019

Books reviewed in volume 41 number 16 of The London Review of Books (15 August 2019).


Luce D’Eramo, translated by Anne Milano Appel

Thomas Jones writes:

Luce d’Eramo escaped from Dachau in October 1944. Part of a work crew that was transported into Munich every day to clean the sewers, she slipped away one afternoon during ...


Barry Lopez

Benjamin Lytal writes:

Towards the end of his best-known book, Arctic Dreams (1986), after chapters on migratory routes, ice, and musk oxen, Barry Lopez recounts the legend of Saint Brendan, the ...

Lost Children Archive

Valeria Luiselli

Emily Witt writes:

In 2014, tens of thousands of immigrant children arrived at the southern border of the United States, a sharp increase on preceding years. More than three-quarters of them ...

Arturo’s Island

Elsa Morante, translated by Ann Goldstein, illustrated by Mitch Frey

Tim Parks writes:

Given the current enthusiasm for the practice of literary translation, the frequent claims that this or that English version captures or even surpasses the original, one might ...

The Moon: A History for the Future

Oliver Morton

Inigo Thomas writes:

In Neil Armstrong’s photograph of Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon, taken with a camera strapped to his chest, Aldrin stands at ease, his right arm hanging loosely at his ...

No Spin: My Autobiography

Shane Warne

David Runciman writes:

When the Australian cricketers Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft were exposed tampering with the ball during last year’s test series in South Africa there ...