Reviewed in the LRB, volume 41 number 23, 5 December 2019

Books reviewed in volume 41 number 23 of The London Review of Books (5 December 2019).


Edna O'Brien

Patricia Lockwood writes:

A typical Edna O’Brien story begins on a square of green. A stone farmhouse looms behind, with a slick spot on the flagstones where the same tin can is emptied every ...

Will the gig economy prevail?

Colin Crouch

Katrina Forrester writes:

Employment contracts are by their nature asymmetrical. Although in principle contracts are made between two free and equal parties, when an employee signs one they ...

Emil Nolde: The Artist During the Third Reich

Bernhard Fulda, contributions by Aya Soika and Christian Ring

Adam Tooze writes:

Angela Merkel had a bad start to 2019. The right-wing AfD was on the rise. The reaction of the German security services to the race riots in the East German town of Chemnitz ...