Reviewed in the LRB, volume 41 number 8, 18 April 2019

Books reviewed in volume 41 number 8 of The London Review of Books (18 April 2019).

Save Me The Waltz

Zelda Fitzgerald

Madeleine Schwartz writes:

Véra Nabokov, Nora Joyce, Ann Malamud, Vivien Eliot – the list of literary victim-wives is long, but none commands as much attention as Zelda Fitzgerald. Recent ...

Eric Hobsbawm: A Life in History

Sir Richard J. Evans

Susan Pedersen writes:

Was Eric Hobsbawm interested in himself? Not, I think, so very much. He had a more than healthy ego and enough self-knowledge to admit it, but all his curiosity was turned ...

The Collected Stories of Diane Williams

Diane Williams, introduction by Ben Marcus (Columbia University)

Ange Mlinko writes:

Rushing out of the house for an appointment, I grabbed what I thought was Diane Williams’s Collected Stories. When I retrieved the book from my bag, I was surprised to find ...