Reviewed in the LRB, volume 42 number 3, 6 February 2020

Books reviewed in volume 42 number 3 of The London Review of Books (6 February 2020).

Guestbook: Ghost Stories

Leanne Shapton

Namara Smith writes:

My mother used to tell a story she heard in the Peace Corps in the 1970s. An American couple somewhere in the South Pacific decided to swim across a narrow but deep channel ...

Your Duck is My Duck

Deborah Eisenberg

Christian Lorentzen writes:

Deborah Eisenberg spent the summer of 1963 at a school for labour organisers and civil rights activists in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. She was 17. ‘It was a ...

A Cultural History of Tragedy: Volumes 1-6

edited by Rebecca Bushnell (University of Pennsylvania, USA), series edited by Rebecca Bushnell (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Terry Eagleton writes:

When we were students, a friend of mine discovered that he could trump anything anybody else said by using the word ‘tragic’. If someone said he needed a new pair of ...

Selected Essays

Walter Pater, edited by Alex Wong

Elizabeth Prettejohn writes:

Few authors of such historical importance have so high a proportion of their writings forgotten or neglected as Walter Pater. I used to think his essays on ancient ...