The Republic of Consciousness Prize 2019 Shortlist

Rewarding the most exciting and interesting literature published by small presses in the UK and Ireland, the Republic of Consciousness Prize has previously been awarded to John Keene (Counternarratives, Fitzcarraldo Editions) and Eley Williams (Attrib and Other Stories), Influx Press). This year’s shortlist of six has just been announced.

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Daša Drndić, translated by Celia Hawkesworth & S. D. Curtis

From the publisher:

Doppelgänger consists of two stories that skillfully revisit the question of “doubles” and how an individual is perpetually caught between their own beliefs and those ...


Sweet Home

Wendy Erskine

From the publisher:

A reclusive cult-rock icon ends his days in the street where he was born; a lonely woman is fascinated by her niqab-wearing neighbours; a husband and wife become enmeshed in ...


Kitch: A fictional biography of a calypso icon

Anthony Joseph

From the publisher:

Combining factual biography with the imaginative structure and investment in the language of the novel, Anthony Joseph fully engages with the world he recreates, and by ...



Alex Pheby

From the publisher:

Lucia is intellectually uncompromising. Lucia is emotionally devastating. Lucia is unlike anything anyone else has ever written.