Author of the Month: Annie Ernaux

We are delighted to welcome, in the month of her 80th birthday, French novelist, memoirist and essayist Annie Ernaux as our Author of the Month for September.

Following experiments in autobiographical fiction, she turned early in her career to memoir with a mesmerising series of reflections and meditations on memory, loss, grief and love. Of her most famous book the novelist John Banville writes ‘The Years is a revolution, not only in the art of autobiography but in art itself. Annie Ernaux’s book blends memories, dreams, facts and meditations into a unique evocation of the times in which we lived, and live.’

The Years

Annie Ernaux, translated by Alison L. Strayer

From the publisher:

At the confluence of autofiction and sociology, THE YEARS is ‘a REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST for our age of media domination and consumerism’ (NEW YORK TIMES), a monumental ...

A Woman’s Story

Annie Ernaux

From the publisher:

On her mother’s death, Annie Ernaux travels back in time to reunite Mother and Daughter – writing both movingly and quixotically ‘to capture the real woman, the one who ...

Things Seen

Annie Ernaux, translated by Jonathan Kaplansky

From the publisher:

Annie Ernaux turns her penetrating focus on those points in life where the everyday and the extraordinary intersect, where “things seen” reflect a private life meeting ...

Cleaned out

Annie Ernaux, translated by Carol Sanders

From the publisher:

Cleaned Out tells the story of Denise Lesur, a 20-year-old woman suffering the after-effects of a back-alley abortion. Alone in her college dorm room, Denise attempts to ...