Christmas 2016: Fiction

Bookshop favourites Ali Smith, Nell Zink and Eimear McBride all have stunning new novels this season, and are joined by veterans Margaret Atwood and Ian McEwan, and newcomer (to fiction at least) Ed Atkins.

The Lesser Bohemians

Eimear McBride

Jacqueline Rose writes:

What might be the relationship between a truncated sentence and a truncated life? What drives syntax askew, makes language stall completely or spill over its proper ...


Nell Zink

Christopher Tayler writes:

Nell Zink has a great backstory. She’s the woman who came out of nowhere – or, on closer inspection, out of a busy background of Virginia boarding schools, ...

A Primer for Cadavers

Ed Atkins

From the publisher:

One of the most widely celebrated artists of his generation, Atkins makes videos, draws and writes, exploiting and subverting the conventions of moving image and literature. ...