Climate Catastrophe!

What's happening to our climate? And what, if anything can we do about it? And if we can do something about it, are we prepared, politically and socially, to actually do it? These and other questions are posed, if not definitively answered, in our Climate Change booklist, encompassing science, reportage, politics and fiction.

The Wall

John Lanchester

From the publisher:

If he’s lucky, if nothing goes wrong, he only has two years of this, 729 more nights. The best thing that can happen is that he survives and gets off the Wall and never ...

The Year of the Flood

Margaret Atwood

From the publisher:

The waterless flood – a man-made plague – has ended the world. But two young women have survived: Ren, a young dancer trapped where she worked, in an upmarket sex club; ...

Flight Behaviour

Barbara Kingsolver

From the publisher:

“The flames now appeared to lift from individual treetops in showers of orange sparks, exploding the way a pine log does in a campfire when it is poked.