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Why Read the Classics?

Italo Calvino, translated by Tim Parks, Martin McLaughlin, Patrick Creagh and William Weaver

From the publisher:

Beginning with an essay on the attributes that define a classic, this collection provides the author’s criticism.


Is Shame Necessary? New Uses for an Old Tool

Jennifer Jacquet

From the publisher:

In cultures that champion the individual, guilt is seen as the cornerstone of conscience yet it proves impotent in the face of corrupt corporate policies. The author argues ...


Will You Walk a Little Faster?

Penelope Shuttle

From the publisher:

Published on her 70th birthday, Shuttle’s latest collection explores cities (London, Bristol) on foot and via inward exploration, drawing on architecture, history and ...


Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?

Lorrie Moore

From the publisher:

This novel follows the lives of two 11-year-olds intent on escaping childhood. As the strength of their friendship is tested repeatedly, they begin to take their first, ...


What’s Become of Waring

Anthony Powell

From the publisher:

The hugely successful early novel which established Anthony Powell as a leading voice in English comic fiction, What’s Become of Waring is the teasing and wittily contrived ...


Who Governs Britain?

Anthony King

From the publisher:

How exactly has the British system changed? Where does power now lie? In this book, the author offers the first assessment in many years of Britain’s governing arrangements ...


What are We Doing Here?

Marilynne Robinson

From the publisher:

New essays by the Orange and Pulitzer Prize winning author of Gilead, Home and Lila. In this collection, Marilynne Robinson, one of today’s most important thinkers – ...


Can Politics Be Thought?

Alain Badiou, translated by Bruno Bosteels

From the publisher:

In Can Politics Be Thought?-published in French in 1985 and appearing here in English for the first time-Alain Badiou offers his most forceful and systematic analysis of the ...