Author of the Month: Dervla Murphy

Born in 1931 in Lismore, County Waterford, Dervla Murphy has been travelling, and writing, for more than half a century. Her first major journey, made in 1963 and fulfilling a promise she had made to herself on her tenth birthday, was from Ireland to India, through one of the worst European winters on record. The journey was made on her trusty single-speed bicycle Roz, or Rozinante, and her scant luggage included a pistol, which she used to frighten off a group of thieves in Iran. The full story is told in her first book Full Tilt. Other expeditions have taken her to Cuba, Tibet, Cameroon and the somewhat less exotic Belfast, Bradford and Birmingham. Many of her books are still in print, from her original publisher John Murray and the estimable travel publisher Eland Books.

Tibetan Foothold

Dervla Murphy

From the publisher:

Describes day-to-day life in the camps where hundreds of children are living in squalor while a handful of dedicated volunteers do their best to feed and care for them, ...