Author of the Month: Laurence Sterne

Irishman, Yorkshireman, cleric, satirist and occasional traveller Laurence Sterne is one of the strangest, but also oddly most characteristic of English writers. He’s also our Author of the Month throughout February, in advance of the 250th anniversary of his death. Samuel Johnson, never wrong about anything, was famously wrong about Sterne when he wrote ‘Nothing odd will do long. Tristram Shandy did not last.’ Last it did, and various editions of it, and several other books by, about and influenced by Sterne, will be on display at the bookshop throughout February.

Laurence Sterne: A Life

Ian Campbell Ross

From the publisher:

The publication of a bawdy novel, Tristram Shandy (1759-67), dramatically changed the life of Laurence Sterne. An obscure provincial clergyman, emotionally and ...

A Sentimental Journey

Laurence Sterne, edited by Paul Goring, introduction by Paul Goring, notes by Paul Goring

From the publisher:

Paints a captivating picture of an Englishman’s adventures abroad. This edition also includes a chronology, updated further reading and notes.