David's Autumn Picks, 2020

It's strange to be recommending a book about spring as an autumn good read, but it's been a strange year, and the book in question is a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between three brilliant naturalists who also happen to be brilliant writers. And, inevitably, there are books about bookselling, possibly imaginary ghosts, a radical new rendering of the world's oldest surviving work of literature, and a selection of slightly obscure writings by its most affable man.


Philip Terry

From the publisher:

Dictator/Gilgamesh is the most risky and compelling project to date by the great re-inventor of poems.

Happy Half Hours

A.A. Milne

From the publisher:

A delightful selection of articles by the ever-popular A.A. Milne, many of which haven’t been in print for decades. Introduced by the prize-winning children’s author ...