David's Spring Collection

David has gone to Scotland to celebrate spring (and his birthday). Here are the titles he’s hoping to read while he’s having a wee dram.

Seven Types of Atheism

John Gray

From the publisher:

SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ‘A highly readable, fascinating book that jerks the debate on religion versus atheism right out of its crusted rut into the light of serious ...

Not to Read

Alejandro Zambra

From the publisher:

Over the course of the chronicles and literary essays that make up this volume, Alejandro Zambra outlines his own particular theory of reading.

How Shostakovich Changed My Mind

Stephen Johnson

From the publisher:

BBC music broadcaster Stephen Johnson explores the power of Shostakovich’s music during Stalin’s reign of terror, and writes of the extraordinary healing effect of music ...

Painter to the King

Amy Sackville

From the publisher:

This is a portrait of Diego Velazquez, from his arrival at the court of King Philip IV of Spain, to his death 38 years and scores of paintings later. It is a portrait of a ...