Rachael’s 2019 Summer Picks

Unusually for me, heavy on the non-fiction this summer: a Polish travelogue, new essays from Rebecca Solnit (rejoice!), the story of one of Britain’s best vocal ensembles, the Sixteen, on the occasion of their 40th anniversary, and the inimitable, unforgettable Lemn Sissay’s memoir. Still space to squeeze in a Nicola Barker (for no holiday suitcase would be complete without her) and Joanna Kavenna’s new novel-of-ideas-cum-dystopia-cum-thriller, plus a reissue of a tragically prescient classic novel first published in 1938.

I Am Sovereign

Nicola Barker

From the publisher:

__________________________________________ ‘One of the funniest, most finely achieved comic novels, even by her own standard ... I think it’s a masterpiece.’ ALI SMITH ...

My Name Is Why

Lemn Sissay

From the publisher:

THE NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER. A memoir with a message – about growing up in care and finding hope, determination and creativity – from British poet and national ...

Address Unknown

Kathrine Kressm Taylor

From the publisher:

Can friendship survive in a divided world? Written on the eve of the Holocaust as a series of letters between a Jew in America and his German friend, Kressmann Taylor’s ...


Joanna Kavenna

From the publisher:

A darkly ironic novel of ideas, a dystopia, and an absurdist thriller, from the award-winning novelist Self-anointed guru of the Digital Age, Guy Matthias, CEO of Beetle, ...