Poetry Bestsellers

A very legitimate list of our poetry bestsellers.


Richard Scott

From the publisher:

In this intimate and vital debut, Richard Scott creates an uncompromising portrait of love and gay shame.

The Built Environment

Emily Hasler

From the publisher:

A breath-taking collection that moves between local and distant, urban and rural, past and present. This is poetry of emotional density with a lightness of touch, structural ...

Who Is Mary Sue?

Sophie Collins

From the publisher:

In the language of fan fiction, a ‘Mary Sue’ is an idealised and implausibly flawless character: a female archetype that can infuriate audiences for its perceived ...

The Singing Glacier

Helen Mort

From the publisher:

In August 2016, poet Helen Mort, along with composer William Carslake, travelled to south-eastern Greenland to cross the remote glaciers and climb mountains near Sermiligaaq ...

Don’t Call Us Dead

Danez Smith

From the publisher:

A FINALIST FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FOR POETRY 2017'[Smith’s] poems are enriched to the point of volatility, but they pay out, often, in sudden joy’ The New Yorker ...

Three Poems

Hannah Sullivan

Lavinia Greenlaw writes:

The long poem pre-empts its own significance. We expect more of it and less of ourselves, adjusting our pace and investing in the big picture. Hannah Sullivan’s ...

Hera Lindsay Bird

Hera Lindsay Bird

From the publisher:

‘Without doubt the most arresting and original new young poet, on the page and in performance’ – Carol Ann Duffy A Sunday Times Book of the Year and New Zealand’s ...


Kayo Chingonyi

From the publisher:

Translating as ‘initiation’, kumukanda is the name given to the rites a young boy from the Luvale tribe must pass through before he is considered a man. In this book, the ...

A Hurry of English

Mary Jean Chan

From the publisher:

The sense of movement in Mary Jean Chan’s deft and assured debut pamphlet is both external and internal, as she strives to forge new relationships with her parents and ...