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Thanks to our prestigious series of events and our excellent location, we get a lot of famous authors dropping by. The result is a constantly changing selection of highly-collectible signed first editions. Below you'll find a selection of what we have.

These titles are only available in person from the Bookshop – click 'Reserve Instore' by an individual title, or click the button below to use our contact form (please specify you would like a signed copy). Or you can contact us by phone (020 7269 9030) or email ( to reserve a copy. Payment should be made either in person at the shop, or by telephone.

Innocents and Others

Dana Spiotta

From the publisher:

Meadow Mori and Carrie Wexler grew up together in Los Angeles, and both became film-makers. Meadow makes challenging documentaries; Carrie makes successful feature films ...

Familiar Things

Hwang Sok-Yong

From the publisher:

Seoul. On the outskirts of South Korea’s glittering metropolis is a place few people know about: a vast landfill site called Flower Island. Home to those driven from the ...

Petite Fleur

Iosi Havilio, translated by Lorna Scott-Fox

From the publisher:

When his fireworks factory job ends explosively, Jose uncovers surprising new talents: childcare, cleaning, gardening, he excels at it all. But hanging out with his ...

The Wolf Wilder

Katherine Rundell, illustrated by Gelrev Ongbico

From the publisher:

Feodora and her mother live in the snowbound woods of Russia, in a house full of food and fireplaces. Ten minutes away, in a ruined chapel, lives a pack of wolves. ...


Brian Dillon

From the publisher:

ESSAYISM is a personal, critical and polemical book about the genre, its history and its contemporary possibilities, itself an example of what it describes: an essay that is ...


Katherine Rundell

From the publisher:

Charles, a fellow survivor and an eccentric scholar, finds Sophie and brings her home to his London bachelor flat. Raised in a quirky home filled with music, words and love ...

A Book of Untruths

Miranda Doyle

From the publisher:

A Book of Untruths is a family story told through a series of lies. Each short chapter features one of these lies and each lie builds to form a picture of a life-Miranda ...


Will Self

From the publisher:

‘WHATEVER YOU DO hang on to the phone. . . . . . . . ! . . . . . . . . ! Feel the smoothness of its bevelled screen . . . . . . . . ! . . . . . . . . ! Place your thumb ...


Mathias Enard, translated by Charlotte Mandell

From the publisher:

As night falls over Vienna, Franz Ritter, an insomniac musicologist, takes to his sickbed with an unspecified illness and spends a restless night drifting between dreams and ...

The Girl Savage

Katherine Rundell

From the publisher:

Wilhelmina Silver’s world is golden. Living half-wild on an African farm with her horse, her monkey and her best friend, every day is beautiful. But when her home is sold ...

Towards Mellbreak

Marie-Elsa Bragg

From the publisher:

After many generations, it is now, in 1971, Harold who runs Ard Farm. As the years pass, and Harold has a son of his own, he strives to keep control of his land, to make a ...

All the Good Things

Clare Fisher

From the publisher:

What if you did a very bad thing... but that wasn’t the end of the story’An extremely moving, emotional rollercoaster of a debut novel’ 5* Goodreads reviewTwenty-one ...

White Tears

Hari Kunzru

Theo Tait writes:

In 1903, W.C. Handy, the self-proclaimed ‘father of the blues’, was touring Mississippi with his band, the Colored Knights of Pythias, when he fell asleep at a railway ...


Brian Van Reet

From the publisher:

Two decades of fighting – and the new wave of super-radicalised fighters joining the ranks in the wake of the September 11 attacks – have left him questioning his ...

Grief is the Thing with Feathers

Max Porter

From the publisher:

In a London flat, two young boys face the unbearable sadness of their mother’s sudden death. This extraordinary debut, full of unexpected humour and emotional truth, marks ...

Satin Island

Tom McCarthy

From the publisher:

U is a ‘corporate anthropologist’ who, while working on a giant, epoch-defining project no one really understands, is also tasked with writing the Great Report on our ...


Tom McCarthy

From the publisher:

Film Tie-in edition to be published to coincide with the release of the film Remainder. Praised by Zadie Smith as “one of the great English novels of the past ten year”, ...

Bright Air Black

David Vann

From the publisher:

Takes us aboard the ship Argo for its epic return journey across the Black Sea from Persia’s Colchis – as Medea flees her home and father with Jason, the Argonauts, and ...

Keeping on Keeping on

Alan Bennett

From the publisher:

‘I seem to have banged on this year rather more than usual. I make no apology for that, nor am I nervous that it will it make a jot of difference. I shall still be thought ...

The Good People

Hannah Kent

From the publisher:

Shortlisted for the Walter Scott Prize 2017 County Kerry, Ireland, 1825. Nora, bereft after the sudden death of her beloved husband, finds herself alone and caring for her ...


Tim Murphy

Adam Mars-Jones writes:

The Christodora of Tim Murphy’s novel is a New York apartment building, ‘handsomely simple’, built on the corner of Avenue B and 9th Street in the 1920s. By the ...