From the publisher:

Niall Campbell grew up on South Uist in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, and his first collection, Moontide, is filled with images of the island’s seascapes, its myths, its wildlife, and the long dark of its winters. Quietly reflective and deftly musical, these thoughtful poems resonate with silence and song, mystery and wonder, exploring ideas of companionship and withdrawal, love and the stillness of solitude. After winning an Eric Gregory Award in 2011, Niall Campbell published a widely praised pamphlet, After the Creel Fleet, in 2012, and won the Poetry London Competition in 2013. Now this highly assured debut collection will establish him as one of the most distinctive lyric voices to emerge from Scotland in recent years.

Lily recommends:

I recommend this book whenever I get the chance, so here I go again. Niall Campbell's 2014 debut blooms out of the same place that he did - South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. My favourite poems in here are the ones with 'Eriskay' in their titles, but there are many more winners besides.

'sometimes, the song carries; sometimes,
the shadow casts out longer than the man.'

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