Reviewed in the LRB, volume 42 number 2, 23 January 2020

Books reviewed in volume 42 number 2 of The London Review of Books (23 January 2020).

Emperor: A New Life of Charles V

Geoffrey Parker

Thomas Penn writes:

In late 1555 Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and head of the house of Habsburg, returned to the Low Countries, where he was born: there, he began the long, slow process by ...

Social Mobility: And Its Enemies

Lee Elliot Major and Stephen Machin

Adam Swift writes:

Social mobility has something to do with society and something to do with movement. It refers to changes of position in social – rather than, say, geographical – space. ...


C. J. Sansom

Malcolm Gaskill writes:

In 2000 Christopher Sansom took a year off from his job as a solicitor to write a novel: it had occurred to him that the dissolution of the monasteries might make a good ...

Full Surrogacy Now

Sophie Anne Lewis

Jenny Turner writes:

Atwood fans, does it matter that The Handmaid’s Tale is at bottom ‘a deraced slave narrative’, as Sophie Lewis calls it in Full Surrogacy Now? In the novel, as Lewis ...