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Lovely flower books

The Military Orchid

Jocelyn Brooke, illustrated by Gavin Bone and Stephen Bone

From the publisher:

The Military Orchid is a comic masterpiece – a blend of botany, memoir and satire; the story of Jocelyn Brooke’s obsession with one flower – the Orchis Militaris, the ...

The Blue Flower

Penelope Fitzgerald

From the publisher:

Penelope Fitzgerald’s final masterpiece. One of the ten books – novels, memoirs and one very unusual biography – that make up our ...

A Shakespearean Botanical

Margaret Willes

From the publisher:

Taking fifty quotations centring on flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables, this book marries the beauty of Shakespeare’s lines with charming contemporary renderings of the ...

Carnivorous Plants

Dan Torre

From the publisher:

Carnivorous plants are a unique botanical group, possessing modified leaves to trap, kill, and consume small creatures. As a result they are often depicted as killers in ...