Donut Press

Donut Press ("the original Good Old Boys") are our Small Press of the Month for mid-February to mid-March, or possibly to the end of March, we're not the month police.

And if you can't decide which to choose, let John help you, with his pick of four of the best.


A. B. Jackson

From the publisher:

Apocrypha is series of twenty-one poems which will form part of A.B. Jackson's long-awaited second collection. This signed and numbered Donut Press special edition is limited ...

Boys' Night Out in the Afternoon

Tim Wells

From the publisher:

As the title of this debut attests, Tim Wells is a man of contradictions. Through much of Boys' Night Out in the Afternoon he displays the candour and swagger of a barroom ...

Buffalo Bills

John Stammers

From the publisher:

In Buffalo Bills, John Stammers picks up where e.e. cummings' famous poem 'Buffalo Bill's / defunct' left off. With a sly smile and a swagger, he takes a stroll through the ...

Caligula on Ice and Other Poems

Tim Turnbull

From the publisher:

A century on from the rise of modernism Tim Turnbull presents a satirical survey of our subsequent cultural landscape. Drawing on popular entertainments, such as the ballad, ...

For the Messengers

Jude Cowan

From the publisher:

In early 2008 Jude Cowan began to write poems in response to the un-packaged daily news footage she was archiving for the Thomson Reuters news agency. She continued ...

Frankie, Alfredo

Liane Strauss

From the publisher:

In this slim debut, Liane Strauss offers poems of great ingenuity, humour and charm. This feminine metaphysical verse frequently explores aspects of desire, and holds at its ...

Murder Bear

W. N. Herbert

From the publisher:

Within the pages of Murder Bear, W.N. Herbert conjures a darkly comic phantasmagoria, setting loose his eponymous protagonist – a lethal, ursine, omniseasonal anti-Santa ...

Professor Glass

Matthew Caley

From the publisher:

Professor Glass is Matthew Caley’s ‘lost’ fin de siècle concept collection. Its eponymous, transparent persona can barely hold his life together, never mind the ...

Stranded in Sub-Atomica

Tim Turnbull

From the publisher:

Tim Turnbull's Stranded in Sub-Atomica takes its name from an issue of the Marvel comics series Fantastic Four though, unlike its futuristic predecessor, Turnbull's is a ...

Super Try Again

Roddy Lumsden

From the publisher:

Since his 1997 debut, Roddy Lumsden's poetry has been highly prized for its vivid blend of wit and imaginative reach, formal grace and brilliant musicality. The poems ...

What Was That?

Tim Turnbull

From the publisher:

From the bars of Prague and London's docklands to the mountains of Afghanistan and the makeshift picture-house of a ramshackle Laurel & Hardy museum, the poems which make up ...