The pleasures and pitfalls of gardening

"He looks a proper nana in his great big hobnailed boots", sung Lonnie Donegan, describing his dustman father. "He's got such a job to pull 'em up, he calls 'em daisy roots." Mid-April is upon us, and with it the season for pulling up our own daisy roots, and performing other such complicated gardening tasks. Here are a few books devoted to the pleasures and pitfalls of gardening.

Elizabeth and Her German Garden

Elizabeth von Arnim

From the publisher:

Meet Elizabeth and discover there is no greater happiness to be found than when lost in a wilderness of a garden, with bird cherries, lilacs, hollyhocks and lilies crowding ...

A Shakespearean Botanical

Margaret Willes

From the publisher:

Taking fifty quotations centring on flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables, this book marries the beauty of Shakespeare’s lines with charming contemporary renderings of the ...

The Psychology of Gardening

Harriet Gross

From the publisher:

Why do so many people love gardening? What does your garden say about you? What is guerrilla gardening? The Psychology of Gardening delves into the huge benefits that ...