The Ways Through the Woods

Eleven books, each with a different angle on the forest, from the gripping psychological drama of The Golden Spruce to David Morley, whose poems on trees are some of the finest in the language (‘European Larch’, in the volume we’ve chosen, uses found text from another item on the list, the Collins Tree Guide). Richard Mabey, a London Review Bookshop stalwart, examines Britain’s changing forest ecosystems; Sarah Maitland explores the archetypal forest latent in our fairytales and folklore.

Collins Tree Guide

Owen Johnson, illustrated by David More

From the publisher:

The definitive, fully-illustrated guide to the trees of Britain and non-Mediterranean Europe.


Through the Woods

H. E. Bates, illustrated by Agnes Miller Parker

From the publisher:

Set in Kent, the author returns to those trees of his youth to breath life into the changing character of a single woodland year. He reveals how precious they are to the ...


Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees

Roger Deakin

From the publisher:

From the walnut tree at his Suffolk home, the author embarks upon a quest that takes him through Britain, across Europe, to Central Asia and Australia, in search of what lies ...


The Invisible Kings

David Morley

From the publisher:

Who are the invisible kings? Why do two bears follow them round Britain? And what happens when a gypsy’s curse comes miraculously to life? This book reveals extraordinary ...