Gayle's Summer Picks 2018

Highlight of the summer/year/decade: Sally Rooney's new novel Normal People comes out in September, and it is so brilliant I cannot begin to tell you.

(Also, a new Picador Classics edition of Elizabeth Jane Howard's The Light Years is due out in July, and I'll take literally any excuse going to bang on about how much I love the Cazalets sequence, so here I am, telling you to read the Cazalets.)

Leeds Postcards

Christine Hankinson & Craig Oldham

From the publisher:

For the past four decades, independent postcard press Leeds Postcards has been making oppositional, inspiring images; activism by design. The cards are not of Leeds; the name ...

Margaret the First

Danielle Dutton

From the publisher:

An inventive, spirited novel about a pioneering woman who was shamed for daring to challenge male dominance in the arts and sciences four centuries ago. Margaret ...

The Light Years

Elizabe" Jane,"Howard

Gayle recommends:

Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Cazalets sequence is five volumes of pure joy, exquisite sorrow and everything in between, that will take over your life if you let it. (You should ...