Claire's Christmas Picks

I hereby offer you my Christmas picks - The First Brexit Novel! Queer New York Debauchery! Enigmatic Microfiction! Queer Theory! Glorious Technicolour! Enjoy!

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Chelsea Girls

Eileen Myles

From the publisher:

In this breathtakingly inventive autobiographical novel, Eileen Myles transforms their life into a work of art. Suffused with alcohol, drugs, and sex; evocative in its ...


Queer: A Graphic History

Meg John Barker

Claire recommends:

If you, like me, feel you don't know nearly enough about queer theory but you want to, then Queer: A Graphic History is a serious but accessible introduction; ideal for ...


The Secret Lives of Colour

Kassia St Clair

From the publisher:

The unforgettable history of colours and the vivid stories behind them in a beautiful multi-coloured volume


Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine

Diane Williams

Claire recommends:

This recent collection by the avant garde short story maestro is absolutely perfect.