Claire's Summer Picks 2019

Do what I've been doing all summer and pick anything - ANYTHING - from either of these two marvellous cookbooks and while you're baking/roasting/simmering/toasting, pick up one of these fine books and put your feet up.

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Greenfeast: Spring, Summer

Nigel Slater

From the publisher:

The first in a pair of fast, season-led vegetable books from beloved author and cook Nigel Slater.


The Green Roasting Tin

Rukmini Iyer

From the publisher:

The Green Roasting Tin is the only vegetarian and vegan cookbook you need in 2020. Seventy-five easy one-tin recipes: half vegan, half vegetarian, all delicious.


The Man Who Saw Everything

Deborah Levy

Lidija Haas writes:

The world according to Deborah Levy is like an emotionally charged dream or joke. A man accepts soup from an elderly neighbour and retches, catlike, on a mouthful of grey ...


Against Memoir

Michelle Tea

From the publisher:

A queer countercultural icon opens up about all things artistic, radical and romantic. Winner of the PEN American Center essay prize.