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David's recommendations from across the shop

The Krull House

Georges Simenon, translated by Howard Curtis and Howard Curtis

David recommends:

Forget Maigret – it's for the 'romans durs' that Simenon deserves to be remembered, and this malevolent masterpiece is among the best of them.

A Gentleman in Moscow

Amor Towles

David recommends:

Count Rostov is placed under house arrest by a Bolshevik tribunal and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the Hotel Metropol. This is big history on a small canvas - ...

Old Man Goya

Julia Blackburn

David recommends:

It's one of the best books I know about art, one of the best books I know about Spain, one of the best books I know about ageing, deafness, love and death. All in all, one of ...

Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall

Neil Bartlett

David recommends:

Nearly 30 years after publication this iconic work of gay fiction has lost not a shred of its strangeness, rigour or hallucinatory brilliance. Neil Bartlett provides a new intro.

The Thurber Carnival

James Thurber

David recommends:

I've read the pieces collected here at least two dozen times, and they get funnier with every reading. My essential 'desert island' book.

All for Nothing

Walter Kempowski, translated by Anthea Bell

David recommends:

Kempowski's last, devastating novel is a stately, beautiful depiction of a world reduced to ruins. Unforgettable.

Pereira Maintains

Antonio Tabucchi, translated by Patrick Creagh, introduction by Mohsin Hamid

David recommends:

Tabucchi’s tragic novel, set in Portugal during the Salazar dictatorship raises, in deceptively simple prose, profound questions around the subjects of resistance, heroism, ...

Black Sea: Coasts and Conquests

Neal Ascherson

David recommends:

First published in 1995 Ascherson’s Black Sea is one of the most compelling biographies of a region I’ve ever encountered. This 2015 edition has been revised to take ...


Michael Jacobs

David recommends:

Ostensibly following Bolívar, but in fact following Humboldt, Michael Jacobs takes us from north to south along the world’s most varied mountain range. His descriptions of ...

The Goshawk

T. H. White, foreword by Helen Macdonald

David recommends:

Not just the best book ever written about falconry, The Goshawk is one of the best books ever written about anything. This new edition has a foreword by Helen Macdonald, author ...